Witchcraft Works, Vol. 3

Witchcraft Works, Vol. 3


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Familiar Adversaries

Before meeting Ayaka Kagari, Honoka Takamiya's concerns were ordinary at best. Now, he is at the core of an epic battle between witches. But what may be more troubling to the young man is suddenly realizing that almost every facet of his life revolves around magic users. From school to his home life, witches are bringing fire into his life, and those flames are only spreading.

Title:Witchcraft Works, Vol. 3
Edition Language:English
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    Witchcraft Works, Vol. 3 Reviews

  • Russell Grant

    Started to make sense, but then got completely baffling again. They still haven't explained why any of this witch fight stuff is happening, and the artist has zero idea on how to depict a battle in a ...

  • Jenny

    Not really sure what I can add to this review that I haven't already stated in the previous two. The pacing is still way too fast, characters are still lacking in expression, the artwork is stunning w...

  • Betty Anne Benes

    This is a story that, I'm pleased to say, gets better as it goes along, with new, surprising turns in the story and an ever-developing main character. The story is increasingly told through the lens o...

  • Amber

    Information dump and then complete and utter confusion once more. Ugh....