Witchcraft Works, Vol. 6

Witchcraft Works, Vol. 6


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Will This Weekend Ever End?School is out! But the Tougetsu Academy's closing is not due to a holidy. The whole town is currently under siege, and the campus is at the epicenter of this disaster. Now Honoka and Ayaka have to muster all of their streng...

Title:Witchcraft Works, Vol. 6
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    Witchcraft Works, Vol. 6 Reviews

  • Amber

    Any one else think that the build to this was so lackadaisical that you didn't feel the high stakes as much as the writer wanted you to feel. Boring and confusing....

  • Russell Grant

    The Weekend battle finally comes to a conclusion, it barely makes any sense but it feels like the series might actually come around. I have no idea why I'm sticking with this stupid series....