Atlas Died

Atlas Died

USA circa 2628. The only thing unchanged? Those three letters.

There are no states.
There is no freedom.
Lobbyists make all the laws.

And a government of the people, by the people, and for the people died many, many years ago.

The nation is now split in two: wealthy Atlas residents and impoverished Commons workers. The middle class, an endangered species, accounts for less than 1% of the already-shrunken population. Ravaged by stagnant wages, exorbitant taxation and limited education, Commoners, the majority of USA citizens, struggle to survive. The political and civil inequity has transformed “the land of the free” to “the home of the miserable” and destinies are no longer self-determined. The very values the nation once held dear have languished for centuries in history books no one has taken the time to read.

No one except Decker Channing.

A 32-year-old police officer, Decker has silently witnessed systematic oppression his entire life and knows it is the antithesis of what the founding fathers stood for. When a life or death situation forces him to make a split decision, Decker realizes he can no longer remain silent. Unwilling to watch his country descend into further tyranny, he rallies the men and women around him to rise up and take a stand. Drawing strength from the ideals of the abandoned Constitution, he and an unlikely band of friends fight to restore the USA to what it once stood for: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But in order to do this, one thing becomes clear.

Atlas must die.

**Please note that there are instances of profanity, mild violence, and unapologetic themes of religion, politics and spirituality within this work of fiction. Reader discretion is advised.**

Title:Atlas Died
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    Atlas Died Reviews

  • Laura A. Grace

    This book was unlike anything I have read before! It was a dystopian novel that was on edge to say the least, but the overall message of Decker's story was empowering.I would say that when I closed th...

  • Chris

    Fast-forward centuries from now to a time when a tyrannical American government has banned all knowledge of our history and founding fathers. Michelle N. Onuorah has done an amazing job depicting a fr...

  • Beccie

    I received “Atlas Died” from the author for review. I’ve read Michelle’s “Type N” series, which I loved so much it became by Best Read a couple years ago. Having read her previous books, I...

  • Ken

    **Received from Goodreads First Reads giveaway.**What would you do if you did the right thing, saved a person’s life, and as a result lost your job and livelihood? If you’re Decker Channing, you s...

  • Debra Jeakins

    ATLAS DIED BY MICHELLE N ONUORAH is a dystopian novel set in 2628 USA. Its a USA that we would not recognize, or would we? All rights are abolished and minor infractions could mean being shot or sent ...

  • Lori

    Imagine there are NO freedoms in the USA. Surveillance is everywhere; all opposing views are silenced. The smallest infraction leaves you with too die quickly or slowly. But you don't g...

  • Joanne Garbato

    Atlas Died is a dystopian novel with a Christian slant.The year is 2628.There is no United States of America,it is now simply called USA.What is left of the citizens after being wiped out by a plague ...

  • Jessica

    Another good one by Michelle Onouorah! This dystopian novel makes you think about where our country may be going, and not for the better. This book made me think and I teared up a little towards the e...

  • Michelle Onuorah