Where To Go When

Where To Go When

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Where To Go When, the ultimate trip planner for every month of the year, is a beautifully illustrated book that is both practical and inspiring. For every month of the year it presents 30 recommendations of destinations that are at their best during each month, whether due to their climate, or value or because there's a lot going on.

The suggestions feature every flavour of travel experience from culture-rich city breaks and tropical beach holidays to adventurous road trips and wildlife-watching expeditions. Every corner of the planet is covered so you'll find out when the best time to see mountain gorillas is or to go shopping in Paris.

The book is organised by month. At the start of each chapter a flowchart guides you through the options so readers can filter the recommendations according to their interests. Whether you're into beaches, trying the local specialities or backpacking off the beaten path, there will suggestions for you. Diagrams also depict the climate, value for money and family friendliness of each suggestion in the month.

Then Lonely Planet's authors explain in detail why each destination has been selected. The text describes the place and why it's special at that particular time. The destinations are illustrated by inspiring photographs and have a small infographic that shows the key reasons to go. Practical details make the first step of planning a trip easier.

Packed with facts, photos and new ideas for your next adventure, Where to Go When will inspire and interest anybody who loves travel.

About Lonely Planet: Started in 1973, Lonely Planet has become the world's leading travel guide publisher with guidebooks to every destination on the planet, gift and lifestyle books and stationery, as well as an award-winning website, magazines, a suite of mobile and digital travel products, and a dedicated traveller community. Lonely Planet's mission is to enable curious travellers to experience the world and to truly get to the heart of the places they find themselves in.

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    Where To Go When Reviews

  • Anne Goldschrift

    Ich brauche definitiv mehr Geld und Zeit für Urlaub! 😎...

  • Ron S

    Organized by the month, with great photography and broad appeal across age, interests, fitness and finances, this is a great inspirational travel guide that squarely addresses the primary question of ...

  • J.R. Dodson

    Nice book to dream with and cleverly laid out. Could use a little more diversity at times, though. Spoilers...January: Australia, Australia, AustraliaFebruary: Australia, Australia, Australia, Austral...

  • Carmen Vicari

    Auf meiner Wunschliste stehen viele Reiseziele, die ich irgendwann einmal besuchen möchte. Die Kinder werden langsam größer, so dass einem Urlaub in entferntere Gefilden kein größeres Hindernis m...

  • Rachel Lipkin

    The only reason why I'm giving this book 3 stars is because I'm not entirely sure who this book is for. It feels like a travel guide for the very rich or the very adventurous. You either need to be do...

  • Sara Beth Wade

    Normally I object being told where to go when, I'll go where I please, thankyouverymuch. But this guide is a great starting point for local and world travel when you know when you can go but maybe not...

  • Eleanor

    This is a great book for travel planning. It presents 30 places that are optimal for visiting each month of the year and tells why they are great to visit at that time of the year. I highly recommend ...

  • Elorra

    While sometimes random, the locations are photographed beautifully and I really appreciate that they give you the reason why they recommend a specific location during each month....

  • Kyra Hahn

    Great supplemental to help with trip planning...

  • Nibras

    A good book to guide you regarding which destinations to choose throughout the world during different months of the year based upon season and activities that you can do at a particular place....