If so many people think they are impervious to romance scammers, then why is it that there are still thousands of people worldwide falling victim to online scams every year?

Are you recently single and are contemplating signing up to an online dating site?
Are you savvy to online dating, but could use some tips on protecting yourself online from romance scammers, or others with immoral intentions?
Is your online profile or your social media revealing too much about you?
Would you like to know how to read between the lines when reading into your pursuers emails?
Would you like to know the common personality types that a romance scammer portrays?
Even if you have a shadow of a doubt on your online prospects motives, are you curious to know how to stay one step ahead of your online Mystery man, helping you make a more informed decision about him?
Would you like to know some common methodologies of an online romance scam artist?

If you’re signed up to one or more online dating sites, or thinking about it and you’ve answered “Yes” to any of the questions above, then this book is designed for you. These questions, along with many, many more will be answered throughout the entirety of this useful guide.

With a light-heartedness, Serena will take you on her eleven day journey and provide a wealth of information, tips, insights, cautionary red flags, and online practices blended with her true life experience, and share them with you, so the average phantom romancer can’t trick you into falling in love with him, when he already has hidden motives.

You can live vicariously through Serena’s story and get a better understanding of how a scammer methodically plays his cards and tries to win his victims over. If he’s smooth in his actions and words, anyone can become an unsuspecting target; however, this book will provide ways to smoke him out before he wins at his own game.

Whether you’re 20 years old or a mature woman of 50 or 60, this book can provide a wealth of information. Really, who knows who’s at the other end of your text messages and emails?! To be sure, one must play this game your way “until” you are assured he/she has the same intentions as you; and that’s to find a real legitimate and truthful, life partner.

This is a must read for any woman (or man) looking for their Life Partner via online dating sites!

This book is designed to help you err on the side of caution, rather than being caught blind-sided by a scam artist. In this short read, Serena will show you ways to stay one-step ahead of him, so you won’t become one of the statistics.

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