The Gatekeeper

The Gatekeeper

Winner of the 2016 Epigram Books Fiction Prize
Winner of the 2018 Singapore Book Award for Best Fiction and Cover Design
Shortlisted for the 2018 Singapore Literature Prize for Fiction

Young medusa Ria turns an entire village of innocents to stone with her gaze. She flees with her older sister for the underground city of Nelroote, where Manticura's quasi-fantastical sapient races—Scereans, Tuyuns, Feleenese, Cayanese—live on the margins. There she takes up her role as gatekeeper, protecting the city from threats, Human or otherwise.

Decades later, Manticura is now a modern urban city-state, and Eedric Shuen is bored with his privileged life. He stumbles upon the entrance to Nelroote and encounters Ria, who has spent nearly half a century in solitude. As their friendship blossoms, external whispers of the medusa sisters threaten to spark a chain of events that will throw Nelroote and its inhabitants into imminent danger.

“An impressive piece of writing—confident and effortless.”
—Haresh Sharma

Title:The Gatekeeper
Edition Language:English
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    The Gatekeeper Reviews

  • Diana

    [Prefacing this review to say that my honest review is 4 stars but putting it as 5 stars to make up for the trolls deliberately rating this book low with racially-charged comments like there's too muc...

  • Jason Lundberg

    I'm the editor for this novel, and am therefore incredibly biased, but I don't care. I LOVE THIS BOOK. It's a phenomenal work of literature, and a fascinating examination of the impossibility of runni...

  • Eustacia Tan

    My first book for 2018’s SEA Reading Challenge is from Singapore! It’s called The Gatekeeper and it’s a fantasy novel heavily influenced by Malay culture.Obviously heavily inspired by Singapore,...

  • Kirat Kaur

    Fantastic elements in literature can sometimes serve the dual purposes of escapist awe and allegorical meaning-making. Nuraliah Norasid's debut novel The Gatekeeper manages to do both in fresh and int...

  • Kenny

    So when is Netflix doing this?...

  • Prasatt

    As the winner of the Epigram Books Fiction Prize in 2016, this book had sparked my curiosity for some time but it was only recently that I got around to reading it. I can't deny that the beautiful cov...

  • Shelby Sekar

    I really wanted to like this. The writing is very easy to read, without being simple, and it genuinely seemed like it was going to be a very interesting story. I really liked some of the characters an...

  • Benjaminc

    I try not to review books I don’t finish. But some books are so terrible that they serve as a prime example of how not to write. The Gatekeepers by Nuraliah Norasid was the winner of the 2016 Epigra...

  • Lauren

    An anything but typical story of boy meets... Medusa? Set in the way distant future, The Gatekeeper takes place on the mythical island country, Manticura, strife with racial tensions between the invad...

  • Annabelwong

    As a Singaporean, I appreciate the fresh writing style and perceptive insights into the psyche of the marginalised. But I cannot quite appreciate the hybrid structure, the literary ambience and atmos...