The Blaze

The Blaze

Opening Boo’s Boutique Bakery is almost within Adie’s reach. It’s so close, she can taste the frosting. With her plate already full of three sexy demons, a cadre of wayward imps, and her search to find out about her errant demonic nature, it’s not the best time for an unknown hunter to walk into her bakery with her prospective new employee. Adie can’t seem to catch a break. Or can she?

Her new baker comes with potential risks that might outweigh the benefits of having her help with the soft-opening Adie plans for her bakery. If that’s not enough, weird things are happening when she tries to feed that send her reeling. Can she make the right choices and get answers? Or will her cupcake dreams go up in smoke?

Follow Adie on her continuing (mis)adventures filled with troublesome demons and wayward humans as she strives toward achieving a quasi-normal life among humans.

Complete Reading order For Succubus Bargain Book 1:
The Offer
The Deal
The Terms
The Rules
The Gain

Adie's story continues in the next story arc Succubus Studies:
The Torch
The Blaze

Title:The Blaze
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    The Blaze Reviews

  • Mandy

    Adie is a succubus who may have rushed a little when it came to getting a human body. Which has caused her not to be able to enter the dream world by herself, as other succubi can do. She's accepted t...

  • Dorri

    I love Adie's stories. The only reason I don't give them a five star, is because they are serials. Meaning, they are short, with just enough to tease us into a bigger bite. ...

  • James Owens

    LoveThis author is the best ever... I can’t wait to read more books. Every book I read gets better and better. Waiting for the new book is going to be very hard....

  • Beth C.

    This story just gets more and more fun!So Adie is interviewing and training staff for her new bakery, but they are an eclectic group. Getting things ready for the opening is wearing her out. Her roomm...

  • Lisa Garrett

    Love this series!!I have read all the books released so far and I love them all. Great story with lovable characters! Slow burn reverse harem series that leaves me waiting anxiously for the next insta...

  • Birdie O

    Always funThis installment reminded me that, although she's an adult, our favorite succubus is newly formed. I love how the sexual tension keeps building and how real her reaction is to unknown feelin...

  • Amanda  Morgan

    Amazing as alwaysAnother great installment in this series. The storyline remains fun and captivating while leaving just enough disdain for a certain cousin. Can't wait until the next book. ...

  • Boo

    Loved it Shame on Julian for starting trouble. I’m so loving everything about these books and I can’t wait for the next one. That little cliffhanger was good especially since the next book is alre...

  • Sarah Stein

    There’s always got to be something or someone that messes up a great day. So far, I feel like Adie’s “family” sucks. They don’t seem to care for her, but I guess that’s how succubus and in...

  • Jamie

    Hijinks unleashedAbsolutely adorable love adie and her company, cute cozy story that takes between 30 minutes to an hour depending on your speed of reading. Can't wait to read more. JL...