Where Is the Serengeti?

Where Is the Serengeti?


, Nonfiction, Cultural

If you've never known what a wildebeest is, you'll find out now in this latest Where? Is title about the Serengeti.

Each year, over 1.5 million wildebeest make a harrowing journey (more than one thousand miles!) between Tanzania and Kenya. They are in search of new land to graze. Even if these creatures avoid vicious attacks from lions and crocodiles, they could still fall prey to thirst, hunger, and exhaustion. This book not only follows the exciting Migration, but also tells about the other creatures and peoples that co-exist along these beautiful landscapes of the Serengeti.

Title:Where Is the Serengeti?
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    Where Is the Serengeti? Reviews

  • Amber Slagle

    These books are perfect! I love how much detail they provide without getting drawn out and too in-depth. I realized how little I know about the Serengeti. The book teaches about the Maasai people, the...

  • Karthika Lakshmi

    An awesome read about the wildlife at Serengeti. Could not stop until I finished...

  • Dana Robinson

    A good overview of the Serengeti and some related material. Has some "animals eating other animals" gore, in case you are concerned about that....