The Secret

The Secret

Constantine Ross is a cocky, provoking little...yeah.
And I swear, I'd think that even if his family's business wasn't my biggest competition.
It's time someone taught the man a lesson or two about life.
At least that's what I tell myself when I offer him a job.
Call it my good deed for the year... maybe the century.

But now he's in my shop.
In my space.
In my every damn thought.
In. My. Bed.

And how the hell am I supposed to resist him?

I'll be the first to admit I've royally screwed up, but what can I say?
I was a stupid teen who lost his dad and spiraled out of control.
Almost a decade later, I'm still trying to make amends.
The last thing I need is my family's arch-nemesis wading into my life like he's got all the answers.
Except... I really need money, and the arrogant jerk offered me a job.

I can deal with Micah's attitude.
My attraction to him? That's different.
He's my boss, not my boyfriend.
And he's way too old for me.
But God, he's gorgeous.

I don't want to want him...
But I can't turn away.

Title:The Secret
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    The Secret Reviews

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    “I have it on tape—watched it like four hundred times when I was a teenager. You can borrow it.” “I can borrow… the tape?” He bit his lip and his eyes danced. “Like, an actual tape that ...

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    Best one yet in this delightful seriesWithout any doubt this is my favourite one in the series so far. I absolutely adored the banter between Constantine and Micah.It's odd reading the third book in a...

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    I freaking loved this, it was my favorite in the series so far. From beginning to end I loved reading every page of this and was sucked in from the first page. So, it turns out fo the previous two boo...

  • Rene

    3.75 stars...

  • ReadingAllNite

    4.5 Stars I’m quite enthralled with the love stories in O’Leary and this enemies to lovers tale is an excellent addition. Constantine is Julian’s 25-ish brother (The Gift) and he’s spent years...

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    This was somewhere between 3.5 and 4 stars for me, but I'm rounding it up because it was fun, sweet and well-written. I liked both MCs and most of the side characters, especially Micah's sisters. The ...

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    For that cover alone, I gave one point. ...

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