Rogue's Tale

Rogue's Tale


arc, , Romance, Science Fiction

Trust doesn't come easy to me. Sweet words don't mean a thing.
So why do I feel like I could lean on his broad golden shoulders, and he'll catch me?

Yeah, I know. I've got a  reputation as the b*tch of the Rogue Star.

Angry, snappish Xyla, who'd rather argue than eat.

I don't trust anyone else to look out for me.  I learned that lesson young.

But Gallus doesn't expect anything. He's just there. 

Waiting. Watching. 

With a gaze that makes my blood heat.

Words are weapons. 

And stories can spark a rebellion.

When it's time to stop running and start fighting, maybe I've found my one true ally. 

Even if it's against the rest of the crew.

Rogue's Tale is the seventh book in the Rogue Star science fiction alien romance series. Each book features a new couple, complete with guaranteed HEA, as they piece together the larger story. Come along for the ride!

Title:Rogue's Tale
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    Rogue's Tale Reviews

  • Miriam

    I received an ARC edition of this book from the author.2.5 starsI don't like Xyla (and that made it really hard for me to get into this story). I found her attitude to be juvenile and selfish, she tak...

  • ManyHatMomma

    I honestly love this series. I really do. However, I detest people like Xyla, the main character. The writing is SO WELL DONE with this book that I get sucked into this character’s thinking and get ...

  • Cynthia Jackson

    I didn’t like the lead characters in this book.The story & characters bored me to tears. I truly disliked Xyla & Gallus was a real pushover. The sexy times were kinda raunchy. This story just didn...

  • CJ

    Lots of personality clashes and differing points of view in this book. There was more outright anger here than in previous stories. While Xyla wasn't an easy personality, after learning her story, it ...

  • Rosa Maria Garcia

    Great Book I have enjoyed reading this series and this book doesn't disappoint in any way. Loved how it picks up from where the last one ended with enough action, drama, adventure, love, and hot sexy ...

  • Connie Harris

    I like where this is series is headed!Gallus and Xyla are a combination of patience, trust, honor, and love just to name a few. I admire that despite the anger and punishment they faced they continued...

  • Myra Wray

    Wow. Once again I have found a good book in this story. I found it hard to put it down until the end. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy....

  • LuDena Radford

    RogueThis chapter in the story finally has the men and women joining a grass roots rebellion that helps Xyla real with her anger and brings Gallus into her life ....

  • Karen Hogan

    NopeDidn't like Xyla just couldn't see her as likeable enough to attract a male. Then she turns all helpful when she was just a shrew in all previous books. Feel sorry for Gallus....

  • Pet

    Didn’t like the h, not throughout the series and she certainly didn’t endear herself to me on this book....