最悪の同盟誕生!! カイドウがあの怪物と同盟を組む一方、ルフィ達は仲間集めも終わり鬼ヶ島へ討ち入り目前。だがその陰で世界情勢は大きく揺らぎ始めていた…。“ひとつなぎの大秘宝(ワンピース)”を巡る海洋冒険ロマン!!

Title:ONE PIECE 95
Edition Language:Japanese
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    ONE PIECE 95 Reviews

  • kenzie

    i think the wano arc might be my least favorite of all the arcs...

  • Speaker Stelios

    On Garp: So it was saving humanity that gave Monkey D. Garp the admiral title. Most impressive I must say. He is the strongest living person in One Piece right?Not only though, Garp shared a sweet pie...

  • GodzRead

    This chapter revealed so much in terms of the overall story and it had me on the edge of my train seat every chapter I read....the chapters happened to come out every time I travelled back from my int...

  • Timothy Pitkin

    A lot is revealed in this volume from the backstory of Big Mom, Kaido, Whitebeard, and Roger. To a lot revealed about the history of the world along with a lot of changes about the World Government. A...

  • Hamad

    بصراحة المجلد هذا اسطوري التطورات في وانو والرايفري عرفنا اشياء قوية عن ماضي اساطير القصة وماانسى فلاش باك او...