The Cruel Fae King

The Cruel Fae King

He says I’m his fated mate.

I say I’m his fated enemy.

I was stripped of my royal title because of him. I was banished to a deserted island and left to die because of him.

Only when I’m his last option does he remember I exist at all. Now this cruel king is taking me captive to be his bride, join his people, and save his kingdom from a spreading plague.

The witch claims this is our destiny written in the magic of the flames and the waves of the sea. I choose my own destiny though. And I’ll drown in those cold waters than ever be bound to him.

Because he doesn’t need a fated fae mate. He needs a savior.

And I’d rather die than be either of those things for the Cruel King.

NOTE: The Cruel Fae King is a fiery, panty melting enemies to lovers tale intended for readers 18 and over. Fans of Holly Black, Sarah J Maas, and all things sexy fae will fall in lusty hate with the Cursed Kingdoms Series.

Reading Order
The Cruel Fae King - Releasing Nov 19th
Book Two - Releasing Dec 10th
Book Three - Release date coming soon

Title:The Cruel Fae King
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    The Cruel Fae King Reviews

  • Nerdread

    1.5 stars The start was promising but fell flat 30 percent into the book. The characters and their behaviors seems disjointed. The story feels like it focused on unnecessary things rather than explori...

  • Darcy (Daydreamingofbookdragons)

    (1.75)Yikes. That was a mess. Which is a shame because it also had potential. The writing just really struggled to properly convey the authors intent. The plot itself is a mess that jumped from one th...

  • ??? Kriss ???

    It's like the vampire craze all over again; a fantasy race gets popular and suddenly the market is saturated with sub-part stories haphazardly claiming their non-human character is the popular fantasy...

  • Jeanny

    The h makes a poor first impression but don’t judge her harshly. She turns into a surprising mix of kick ass foul mouthed detective & future queen. The H is an asshole for the full length of the nov...

  • Mae

    3.7 stars...

  • Shawna

    HOLY SHIT what did I just read? I am in love with this book and its a kindle unlimited double score!!! So worth reading to those browsing of reviews pondering whether or not it will be worth it, its s...

  • Eliza

    I didn’t hate it. I actually liked the heroine unlike other reviewers. It was funny, but I just thought it could have gone darker. The potential was there just didn’t happen. Not interested in rea...

  • Brittany

    Wonderfully and surprisingly good!I dont remember how I stumbled upon this book, but I am sure glad I did!! Hoky cow this book is good. I will say I didnt really have super high Hope's for this book g...

  • Meaghan

    Freaking HilariousIt’s hard for me to burst out laughing in a book, but this had me in tears. I’d be reading while eating and almost choke. I loved the story and it was such a refreshing change of...

  • Sandra Wolfe

    Couldn’t put it downI loved this book. I couldn’t put it down. Love Fae stories. Syren is pretty coo coo but fun and funny. And Bear is a sexy jerk. Great ending. I can’t wait to see what happen...