After the Crash

After the Crash

Rule #1 Straight military men will always be straight, no matter how much you wish otherwise
Rule #2 Being a billionaire won’t change that (probably)
Rule #3 The whole thing between you when you were in high school? It was only fantasy
Rule #4 One-sided fantasy
Rule #5 God, how great would it be if it was a two-sided fantasy?
Rule #6 Okay, getting off track
Rule #7 Hiring your hot high school crush is totally okay
Rule #8 If you don’t let your feelings get in the way, everything will be fine

Marshall Lloyd is about to be very not fine. Not only is his high school crush back in his life, but he’s matured into a gruff, brooding, drop-dead-gorgeous specimen of a man that makes Marshall’s wet dreams seem about as exciting as drying paint. The only problem: Fox Fraser, the individual in question, is straight.

Super straight.

The kind of straight that would make a ruler jealous.

But if what Marshall sees when he looks in Fox’s eyes is to be believed, he’s broken, too. There are scars inside of him that no one notices. No one but Marshall. It’s not wrong to want to help him, is it? To hire him to take care of things around the house so he can get back on his feet? It’s just work. Work that leads to lingering looks. To prolonged touches. To… mmph. It’s better not to think about it. Marshall’s fantasies aren’t real. A guy like Fox would never pin him to a wall and do things to him like that.




After the Crash is the first book in the Small Town Hearts series, which features heroes scattered across the rural United States who find love where they’re least expecting it. In addition to explosive chemistry, you can expect sneezing bushes, tea that tastes like hay, and a wet wrestling match that's just boys having fun, Mom.

Title:After the Crash
Edition Language:English
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  • Lyn?Loves?Listening #AUDIOBOOKADDICT

    Audio- All the blissful stars because…JF HARDING!!! Story – 4.5 Stars!I had no idea what to expect when I 1-clicked the audio. I had no idea who the author was or what the story was about. All I c...

  • Shile

    Audiobook - 5+++++ StarsStory - 3.25 starsThe GoodThis was a solid mm romance story, without the unnecessary miscommunication thrown in. JF Harding's narration was great as always. Eargasms galore. It...

  • Lorraine Lesar

    It’s not always the heart. Sometimes your mind breaks as well.If we didn’t become broken from time to time, there would be no place for the light to enter our souls. But what if something happens ...

  • Bev

    Well that was fab! I grabbed this off Amazon when I saw a few of my GR buddies giving it great reviews and I'm joining the Emma Alcott fan club. Great characters, love that the author kept it real and...

  • Fabi

    This was a five star read until about the halfway mark. Then it started to fall apart for me piece by piece until I didn't even like it anymore. I'm giving it 2.5 stars in an effort to average the two...

  • Barbara?

    **4.5 Stars**Thanks Lyn, for putting this on my radar. It was just what I was looking for. This was full of love, humor and steam as well as acceptance and support. Fox is suffering from PTSD but no o...

  • Trio

    Opposites attract, gay for you, first time, a wee bit of angst, and a whole lotta sensual and erotic sexy-times, After the Fall is just about perfect! I’m thoroughly impressed, and anxiously awaitin...

  • Christopher Rice

    This is gold star MM romance. Gold. Star. Sterling prose, pitch perfect dialogue packed with wit. Incredibly appealing but dimensional characters. I sample a lot of male/male thanks to Amazon's algori...

  • haletostilinski

    Overall a wonderful love story about Marshall and Fox, one who had been bullied in high school for being too feminine, too nerdy, too gay, and one who had been straight and kind of friends with the gu...

  • Valerie ?M/M Romance Junkie?

    I cannot tell a lie. I know nothing about this author, I didn’t read the blurb... Because JF Harding. Duh... I don’t know nor do I think I care, at this point, what this book is about. I only care...