Final Play

Final Play

It’s a vacation none of them will forget.

Before their futures become the present, Noah convinces his friends they need a group vacation—a final play before they’re all tied down by responsibility and unyielding schedules.

Everything is changing.




A trip to Fiji is the last hurrah to end all hurrahs. And from disastrous marriage proposals to grand gestures to life-changing confessions, two weeks on a private island becomes the beginning of the rest of their lives.

**Final Play is a 50,000 word novel told in the point of views of all ten Fake Boyfriend main characters. It contains the boys’ final HEAs. It is not intended to be read as a stand-alone.**

Title:Final Play
Edition Language:English
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    Final Play Reviews

  • ? Todd

    "THE BIG SUPER FAKE BOYFRIENDS EPILOGUE"This story was such a blast and I'm thrilled that Eden decided to write this five-epilogue book to more tightly wrap up the futures of all of the "fake (and not...

  • Wendy

    Everyone who knows me, knows that I am a big fan of closure. Especially when it comes to the stories I read. A book with an open-end gives me hives. I can't help it... I am special that way :PNow imag...

  • ~Mindy Lynn~

    4 Stars!I didn't think I needed anymore closure for any of these couples and for a couple of them I didn't, but for the few I did I was really happy to get them. I really did enjoy this entire series ...

  • *J* Too Many Books Too Little Time

    Perfection. ...

  • Sahitya

    Since the day Eden announced that there would be a final short story collection for the series, I have been very excited for it and spent the last two days checking my kindle to see if the ARC dropped...

  • Bookreader87(Amanda)

    Noah and Matt plan a trip to Fiji with the entire gang (Damon/Maddox, Lennon/Ollie, Talon/Miller and Soren/Jet) before all their lives change and each couple take steps in different directions of adul...

  • Cadiva

    The start of the rest of Noah and Matt's lives is a short introduction to how the guys ended up with both a baby and a teenager at the time of book five.It's short and sweet and demonstrates the absol...

  • Ky

    The final act to this amazing series was well worth it and I'm glad the author decided to give it to us.The book is devided in five parts (one for each couple) and the timing is fairly wide. It starts...

  • Leslie

    "It’s like herding cats, honestly. But in the hustle of trying to organize us, the photographer takes candids. I already know the photo that will be framed on our mantel won’t be the last shot—...

  • Mwanamali

    Series of epilogues for the couples through the series. Still believe Jet and Soren didn't need a whole book. Frankly this sappy cheesy af cash grab was also unnecessary. The only thing the fake boyfr...