Iron Crowne

Iron Crowne

Byron Crowne is a charming liar and a gorgeous monster.
I detest him.
I can't resist him.
He’s awakened desires I didn’t know I had.
When he touches me, I need to fight him . . . and I need him to win.
Our one night stand bruises my skin and leaves dents in the walls, but the sheets aren't the only thing we shred that night.
And suddenly, the stakes are higher than ever.
Olivia Monroe lights a fire in me that died a long time ago.
I’m a different man when I’m with her. I need to own her, take her, mark her as mine.
Everything changes when she might be pregnant and for the first time in my life...I’m powerless against this stubborn, untamable woman.
She’s the one in control and I have an impossible job:
Prove I’m worthy to be a father.

Title:Iron Crowne
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  • SueBee?bring me an alpha!?

    LIVE!| AMZ US | AMZ UK |⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️! Iron Crowne (stand-alone). While on opposite sides in a lawsuit Olivia goes head-to-head, body-to-body with playboy and ruthless businessman Byr...

  • C.D. Reiss

    I am five star happy with how this book turned out.And I wrote it, so I should know. :)...

  • Val ?? Shameless Non-Snowflake ??

    3.75 StarsI liked it a lot...but I didn't love it all the way. ...

  • Lana ??DG Romance??

    4 STARS He was a mixed message. A loophole in a rock-solid contract. The coexistence of lies and truths. *looks around the room desperately*Oh, excuse me. I can't write my review right now. ...

  • Giorgia ~ Reads

    3.5 Stars The writing is great, the characters were well developed but God that push and pull and indecision it gave me major anxiety. It was tiring and I was oscillating back and forth from “ok, ...

  • Isabella. R

    4 Worthy Opponent Stars ⭐Byron Crowne and Olivia Monroe are on opposing sides. Brought together by a legal dispute, their battle will burn hotter then either could imagine; and their passion may inc...

  • Miss OP

    I hate everyone who reads this book before me....

  • Wendy'sThoughts

    5 Authentically C.D. Reiss Stars* * * * * Spoiler FreeThis vanilla girl crossed paths with C.D. Reiss in 2013 by picking up a little book titled Beg. It was the first entry to the series Songs of Subm...

  • Coco.V

    4.5 stars! I'm a huge fan of C.D. Reiss and needless to say I was totally lost in Iron Crowne and once I began Byron and Olivia's story I had a hard time setting it down. Review to come......

  • Malene

    CD Reiss sure knows how to write dominant alpha males. Jonathan Drazen is an all time favorite of mine. Byron Crowne is all alpha and dominant in every aspect of his life. Including in the bedroom. He...