Sinful Like Us

Sinful Like Us


Dating an American princess comes with a massive amount of baggage–all of which I’m willing to carry strapped on my back in quicksand and through seven hells. But Jane Cobalt’s baggage, I’m unprepared for. It comes in the form of her five equally famous and notoriously hard-to-please brothers. 
I want Jane. 

But when there’s a trip scheduled that I can’t be a part of, I only have one option. It’s immoral. 
Something I’d never consider until now. 

But, hell, there’s got to be some perks to being a twin. So I’m doing it. I’m switching places with my brother. 

Done and done. 

It should have been easy. 

There were little consequences. 

Until the storm hit.

The Like Us series is a true series, one continuous timeline, that follows a family of wealthy celebrities and the people that protect them. It must be read in the following order:

The Like Us Series Reading Order:

1. Damaged Like Us (Maximoff & Farrow)
2. Lovers Like Us (Maximoff & Farrow)
3. Alphas Like Us (Maximoff & Farrow)
4. Tangled Like Us (Jane & Thatcher)
5. Sinful Like Us (Jane & Thatcher)
6. Headstrong Like Us (Maximoff & Farrow)
7. Charming Like Us (Oscar & Jack)
8. Wild Like Us (Akara & Sulli & Banks)

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    Sinful Like Us Reviews

  • Laura

    I really flew through this story -and Im both sad and happy to report that Sinful Like Us is the best book in the Like Us series so far. It was way better than Tangled Like Us and far more superior th...

  • Corina

    I really enjoyed Jane and Thatcher's second book. More so then Tangled Like UsAnd even though Jane isn't my favorite female character, and her struggles felt a bit strange to me, overly dramatic, and ...

  • mahana

    removed my review because it was at the top and these authors are known for attacking people with the audacity to have negative opinions on their books god bless...

  • Wendy

    Wow...these authors keep amazing me !! I can't wait for more and I am especially curious about Jack and Oscar. They sound like a hoot ;) ...oh and I think they will be sexy as hell together. What I am...

  • thi

    1.5/5- oh its messy ✌- Ive got a lot of personal bias; I love jane, I love her so much shes my favourite character but I absolutely hate the direction of this series; how it handles its secondary ch...

  • *J* Too Many Books Too Little Time

    2.5 Stars!This was a bit painful to try and finish. I started skimming and just reading the dialogue pretty early on. Sadly, I feel NOTHING for Jane and Thatcher. I don't get their connection. I don't...

  • Elise ? a.k.a Ryder's Pet ?

    ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱*Boring*⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱ Thoughts I had through-out reading the book:- That scene with Xander and Thatcher got me teary. Xander deserves the whole world, and it kinda bothers me ...

  • Phuong ?

    First of all, I'm feeling so sad seeing people rate this book 1 star because they are disappointed with how the authors handled the couple in Book 8. I mean if you read this book and absolutely hate J...

  • Wil Loves Books!

    First, I adore these authors and their books, theyve written some of my favorite books of all time. So it pains me that I didnt like it as much, perhaps cause I always have high expectations when it c...

  • sophia

    judge a book by its cover...