All the Traps of Earth

All the Traps of Earth

A collection of sci-fi stories. Contents:
All the Traps of Earth (1960) novelette by Simak
Good Night, Mr James (1951) novelette by Simak
Drop Dead (1956) novelette by Simak
No Life of Their Own (1959) novella by Simak
The Sitters (1958) novelette by Simak
Crying Jag (1960) novelette by Simak
Installment Plan (1959) novelette by Simak
Condition of Employment (1960) story by Simak
Project Mastodon (1955) novelette by Simak

Title:All the Traps of Earth
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    All the Traps of Earth Reviews

  • Cheryl

    Reread because I opine that Simak's shorts are even better than his novels and I cannot get satiated by them. If it's been a few years, an opportunity for a reread shall be grasped. Because the thing ...

  • Jack

    This collection is a good introduction to Simak's work. He put out some fine work. Glamor, he thought-it was the glamor that sucked in the kids when they were young and starry-eyed. The glamor of the ...

  • Tomislav

    In the early 80s, I was reading through the backlog of Clifford Simak books.This collection contains some of his earlier stories:All the Traps of Earth (1960) noveletteGood Night, Mr James (1951) nove...

  • Jim Mcclanahan

    Great collection of Simak tales, including one of my old favorites, "Drop Dead" and a charming story of boyhood adventures in "No Life Of Their Own". All well worth a read, including the title story....

  • Deedee

    Clifford D. Simak is an uneven writer. The best of his stories belong in any collection of the best of science fiction, while the majority are read once and forget, and he has a few clunkers as well. ...

  • Michael Tildsley

    This was, overall, an average collection of sci-fi short stories. On par for what you can expect from the genre, but not collectively strong enough to warrant a second read.The two stand-outs for me w...

  • Erik Wennermark

    This guy's stories remind me of the episode of DS9 when the Prophets send them back in time and all the crew work for a pulp sci-fi mag. The Chief O'Brien character, yeah that's Simak. Robots, robots,...

  • Thomas

    Simak, Clifford D. All the Traps of Earth and Other Stories. 1962. Avon, 1979.Clifford Simak began publishing stories in the early 1930s and continued to write for 50 years. While writing short storie...

  • Lawrence

  • Joanna

    Clifford Simak is one of my favorite science fiction writers and one of the first really good writers in the field. Still, as others have pointed out, these are not his best stories. They must also be...